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Maine museum bringing new life to 118-year-old lobstering vessel

The hope is to have Blackjack seaworthy by July so she can be launched in Rockland Harbor. Blackjack was originally built by Morse in 1900, about a decade before engine-powered vessels would slowly cause the original Friendship sloops to go extinct. The Friendship sloops were popular among coastal Mainers because they were easily operated by one person while still being seaworthy enough to handle a day of fishing, Sharp said. But these sloops were not just the vessel of choice for lobstermen. Sharp said most people who lived on the coast had a Friendship sloop because it served a variety transportation and hauling needs. “The Friendship sloop was really the pickup truck of the 19th century,” Sharp said. “If you had a boat you could easily go from one island to another or from one village to another and along the ragged New England coast.” Blackjack found its way back to Maine via Rhode Island, where its most recent owner used the vessel until it was no longer able to go in the water. “I’m not sure if this [project] is a restoration or a rebuild. [Blackjack] was in pretty sad shape. We weren’t sure it would stay together long enough for it to be transported up here,” Tom Hammermeister, a member of the museum’s board of directors and a volunteer, said.

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